Nature In Hawaii - Angel Reading & Energy Healing by Amy Lam

Heart-Centered Healing, Angel Reading, Empowerment Coaching

Heart-Centered Healing, Angel Reading, Empowerment Coaching

Heart-Centered Healing, Angel Reading, Empowerment CoachingHeart-Centered Healing, Angel Reading, Empowerment Coaching

About Amy


About Me & My Work

I am a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Intuitive, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Arcturian Healing Practitioner and an Usui Reiki & Egyptian Reiki Master Teacher. I have received my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with 8+ years of clinical experience and skills. I connect to the Angels and pass on their guiding messages to my clients. I provide energy healing & spiritual guidance to help heal your body and mend the broken hearts and souls. I am honored to be of service and to help you. 


Angel Reading, Energy Healing & Coaching

My goal is to help you to find your path and bring clarity into your life, relationship, career and family.  With the integration of my intuition, clinical experience, energy healing, quantum healing, crystal & sound healing, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy,  I can help to remove your energetic, emotional, mental, physical blocks in this and other life times. You can bring your furry babies for healing as they also experience emotional and physical trauma like we do. 

My Prayer

I care about you. It brings me great joy to see you gain clarity, peace, vitality, balance, joy and love.  "I allow Source to guide me and my work to bring abundance of joy, love, peace, great health and financial wealth to you. I trust Source to bring me the people whom I can heal and guide for the highest and best. Thank you."

My Services


Angel Reading

Our Angels are eager to help us. They are always ready as long as you ask. I'll help to deliver their guidance and messages to you. Our futures are not set, our Angels are here to gently guide us to make better changes and to assist us in getting back on track.  



Using essential oils, I created all-natural Energy Clearing sprays, 5-Elements oil blends and candles. I handcraft and attune these products myself with love. I hope you will love and enjoy these beautifully handcrafted essentials as much as my families and friends do. 


Energy Healing & Empowerment Coaching

I offer Arcturian Healing, Quantum Healing, Crystal & Sound Therapy, White Light Healing & Usui Reiki for Fur Babies. Each modality is different, but the results are powerful. Distant healing is available for all except Crystal & Sound Healing.

Utilizing my clinical knowledge and experience along with my intuitive insight, I help you to find clarity and healing for life direction, relationship, career and spiritual growth. Instead of struggling through, let's dance through your issues.

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